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What to Expect and What to Bring:

We meet once a month regardless of the weather, unless it is dangerous to do so. Dress according to the weather and bring an extra layer just in case, as it tends to be about 5 degrees cooler out in the forest. Winter can be very cold, and scarf, hat, gloves and coats are needed. Summers can be very warm and bring lots of bugs. Nontoxic bug spray recommended! Check our event page or Facebook page for updates regarding changes in weather.


Please bring the following:

  • A folding chair, camp chair, or blanket to sit on

  • Your reusable water bottle

  • A journal or notebook and pen

  • A mask and hand sanitizer in these COVID days

  • Covered walking shoes or outdoor covered sandals

CoW gathering winter.jpg

Our gatherings have a similar format every time. We meet in a circle, a symbol of wholeness, and begin with a welcome and brief introductions, settling into the space. This leads into a time of grounding ourselves in the earth, in our bodies, in the seasonal time we find ourselves in. Our practices can include guided meditation and contemplative awareness of the alive landscape around us and within us using our inner and outer senses, honoring the seven directions, an invocation of the watershed, and an acknowledgment of territory. 

We then enter a time of thematic contemplation, usually including poetry, followed by a 30-45 minute solo wandering to open to the sacred conversation going on around us (with a tree, stone, flower, creature, creek) and return to the circle for a time of sharing as people are led. 

In cold weather, we gather around a fire and bring a camp stove and water for hot chocolate or tea. Please always bring a reusable thermos, bottle or mug. 

And, every time is different, as it is shaped by the particular people who show up, by the relational fields that are stimulated, by the seasonal changes of the year, and by the receptivity of those present. We are always moved and changed by the beautiful symmetries created through our interactions. 

A Final Note About Hone Quarry

Hone Quarry is a campground and day use area in the George Washington National Forest. We try to meet at campsite #6 or 7, but sometimes they are already taken, and we meet at whichever campsite is open. This is a very small campground in a horseshoe shape, so you'll find us by driving through. We try to have a sign in front, or our blue "earth" flag. In rainy weather, we meet at the covered stone picnic shelter that has a fireplace adjacent to the campground. This information will be listed in the event notices. 

Hone Quarry Campground will show up on your GPS, but please note there is no service out near the Campground. If you input the location in your GPS prior to leaving home, it will stay on until you get there. One more note...Hone Quarry Rd, the road that leads into the campground, has various potholes. Although they are much better than they were last year, it's still something to watch for. The campground is about a mile and half from where you turn in. Drive slowly! 

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