an embodied spirituality of
expanded belonging


Shenandoah Valley Church of the Wild is an emerging expression of community among the human and non-human inhabitants of the Shenandoah River and North River watersheds, a church without walls on the edges of wilderness and civilization. Our teachers include the Black Oak and the Eastern Cottonwood, the Cardinals and Finches, the ancient lichen and the black stone, our own Soul, and each other. Recognizing the sacred in all of creation, we listen into what David Whyte calls the "conversational nature of reality," as a gateway to personal wholeness and cultural transformation. We gather to realign ourselves in relationship with all beings, re-connect with Divine presence, and re-kindle our Soul as necessary practice in a culture of ecological destruction, injustice and unmooring. We meet once a month at different locations within 30 minutes of the Harrisonburg area.

All are welcome, from any or no faith tradition.

We reverence diversity as the flourishing of ecosystems, both within nature and within human culture. 


A peek at our gatherings

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Samhain - a Gathering to Honor Ancestors, Endings, and Death
This Celtic-inspired feast day will create a container to mark the end of harvest season and the waning light to enter the silent beckoning of winter, darkness, honoring and releasing what has been. See specifics below for how to prepare. Please RSVP!
Oct 31, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT
Hone Quarry Campground,
Hone Quarry Rd, Dayton, VA 22821, USA

tending to the world of soul

and the soul of the world

"Ecology and spirituality are 

fundamentally connected because deep

ecological awareness, ultimately, is

spiritual awareness."

~ Fritjov Capra